Hi. This is Miaojun Xu.

UX designer with curiosity and joy

Master student @ HCII, Carnegie Mellon University

I'm looking for full-time opportunities and would be happy to connect with you: )

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Starred problem set feature in an online learning platrform for K12 students

An opportunity to learn from mistakes, this time more intelligently

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Mobile app that allows parent to find approprate games for children

Find age-appropriate games, play with your family, and monitor children's growth at the same time (Adobe x Activision Creative Jam)

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Web-based reflection tool for K12 students

Reflection in project-based learning can be rewarding, integrated, and natural

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Chocolate Therapy

Therapeutic web-based game about emotion exploration

Various thematic levels task players to shave a chocolate and uncover the protagonist’s mental mysteries

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Save Hobo Turkey

Family board game in holidays

Promote intentional, generous charitable giving

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